• Users per account
  • Question library / Survey templates with multi-language options
  • Language options per survey (out of 25 languages)
  • Offline data collection
  • Çevrimdışı veri toplama
  • Secure kiosk mode
  • Background template
  • Survey logic
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Data export
  • Security (SSL)
  • Custom image splash screens
  • Real-time email alerts
  • Email support
  • Telephone and online chat support
  • Own branding (logo & background)
  • Real-time SMS alerts
  • QR-codes
  • Fully customizeable questions
  • Custom graphic design
  • Advanced analysis
  • Website widgets
  • Splash video
  • SPSS Export
  • Automatic e-mail follow-up
  • Facebook integration

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is your pricing model?

Remuneration is performed on a monthly basis using the tablet. As the number of locations / tablets increases, there are certain discounts at unit rates. Please contact for details.

How long do you recommend using it, what is your contract term?

With Cloud4Feed, you can keep track of the performance improvement of your branches over time by constantly collecting feedback from your service points, so there is also an increase in the benefit to be paid for long-term use. Our contract period is 1 year and payments can be made on annual or monthly basis. There are additional discounts on annual payments.

How should an investment be made to setup the system?

Cloud4Feed is a cloud-based system. No server, software, or hardware infrastructure is required to install the system. You can make use of the system by paying as much as you use.

Should tablets be constantly connected to the internet?

The Cloud4Feed tablet application can run offline and keep all process data in its own memory. In case of an internet connection via Tablet Wi-Fi or 4G, all data is synchronized to the cloud-system. However, it is recommended that tablets be online continuously to take advantage of system features like alarms.

Are you renting tablets?

Yes, depending on what you need, we will rent the tablets along with the stand or kiosk stands.

Can different surveys be run in different branches and locations?

Yes, you can create as many different surveys as you want with Cloud4Feed and distribute them to different tablets and / or QR codes.

We have some tablets, can we run Cloud4Feed on them?

The Cloud4Feed tablet app works on the Android platform. The app can run smoothly on almost any tablet with the Android operating system. Our recommendation as a tablet configuration is 1024X600 resolution, IPS panel display, 8GB internal memory.

Does it work on iPads?

No, we do not have IOS, the Cloud4Feed app only works on Android tablets. You can fill out surveys online on the iPad via a browser (safari, Chrome, etc.).

Stand tasarımları konusunda destek oluyor musunuz?

Evet, tablet kioskların daha fazla dikkat çekmesi ve mesajınızn yerleştirilmesi için stand çerçevesi tasarımı gerçekleştiriyoruz.

Do I need to inform you when I request a change of survey?

No, you can easily customize the survey change, alarm, automatic email configuration and many more by accessing the Cloud4Feed management panel via any device connected to the Internet. We can also carry out these adaptations with the administration services during the contract period.

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