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About Us

With its customer experience solutions, Acsight enables businesses to make customer-oriented decisions, increasing their brand values and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Acsight, which is the voice of its customers, is a consultancy company that focuses on providing insights for its customers with its market research-based team for more than 100 different customers in more than 15 sectors and uses technology effectively for this purpose.

In addition to regular customer voice studies, Acsight also provides services in different areas such as employee loyalty measurements, advanced big data analysis, ad-hoc research, and customer experience management training that the company holds.



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R&D Team

Our Team

Cef Tovil


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The most senior of Acsight. He has been dealing with CRM, business development, market research, and data analysis for 25 years. He was the General Manager of Aqurance Turkey and the Head of the Cegedim Strategic Data Business Unit before founding Acsight.

He likes the sea and traveling, and if he is not at work, he is swinging the racket on the tennis courts.

Cenk Onur Ozan


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Cenk, who met the research sector when he was a student, left behind 20 years in this field. He excelled in the fields of data science, analysis and statistics. He undertook the operational leadership of projects in FMCG, Textile, Telecom, Cigarette sectors in Turkey and Globally.

Watching TV series, learning new things and financial market analysis are his most important hobbies. His biggest dream is to complete the 3 TV series scenarios that he started but have not finished yet

Yusuf Yararman

Software Projects Manager

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I am in love with electronic and computer technologies since I was a teenager. My basic philosophy is questioning, researching and learning. I have developed various projects for desktop, web, mobile, and embedded systems for many years. I am currently the head of the development team at AcSight.

In my personal life, I am interested in ancient history, archeology, and ancient language writings.

Ayşen Afacan

Business Development Director

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A research expert. She is a good listener as well as talkative. The conversations that start to listen to you end up with the project setups specially designed for you. You ask your customers and Aysen asks you. She is a real reporting specialist, probably because she has been using MS Office programs for 15 years. Providing summary insights for big actions is her philosophy of life.

She summarizes all kinds of information, probably because of professional deformation by tabulating it. She loves swimming and diving a lot.

Serhan Devran

Operations Manager

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Serhan has more than 10 years of Operations and Customer management experience. Sometimes very aggressive, sometimes very calm. He has good command of English and intermediate level of French.

He's responsible for Acsight operations. He likes to take pictures with analog cameras and work out in his spare time.

Eyüp Özmen

Software Developer

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He tries to turn designs into reality for his team. His interest in mobile and Web technologies contributes to the continuous acquisition of new knowledge and skills. He sees software as a tool that will add value to life, and his biggest hobby is coding.

If he is not by his computer, he is either eating or touring somewhere on his bike. He likes poetry, reads books. And sometimes he flies.

Serenay Akciyer

Reporting and Analysis Specialist

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Serenay works as a reporting and analysis specialist at Acsight. Statistics and mathematics have always intrigued her.

She has been dealing with all sports branches throughout her life, so sports is a way of life for her. In her spare time, she likes to play games and travel.

Utku Yurtcu

Data Scientist

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Utku is a fan of Artificial Intelligence. He aims to reduce the workload of his teammates with the models it creates so that they can spend their time on other valuable works. His interest in winter sports and dance has been observed by many. He is also known for his self-indulgence.

Rumor is that his fascination with AI stems from his love of comfort. His wildest dream, “One day, the Artificial Intelligence he developed will do his job for him,” strengthens this belief.

Yekra Yararman

Software Developer

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YekRa works as a backend developer at Acsight. She is trying to improve herself in the field of software. She loves reading books, playing strategy games and animals.

She especially loves cats.