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Cenk Cüneyt TAŞ

Operations Planning and Development Manager

DRD Fleet Leasing

Our acquaintance with Acsight dates back to a few years only. However, even in this short time, I think we made a very fast journey not only in business but also in friendship.Because I think we have a fruitful cooperation thanks to the closeness and transparency we built over time.

Our acquaintance with Acsight started when we, as DRD, opened a tender as part of our intention to localize our Service Verification Surveys. When we say Service Verification Surveys, we shift to a different field from the Customer Satisfaction Surveys we know. The biggest difference is that the Customer Surveys are done to a specific customer base, and the results are projected and reflected in the evaluation reports. Whereas, Service Verification Surveys are made to every user who gets the service. That's why we have a high survey feedback rate. Our aim is not only to measure customers' satisfaction levels by receiving feedback from them but also to determine the improvement areas of all suppliers providing this service on a category and event basis. This was what made Acsight different during the tender phase. While our other potential partners could only use their experience in measuring Customer Satisfaction, Acsight was able to provide us with an environment to enable the total cluster to work efficiently. This positioned them one step ahead. In addition, the ability to create a demo area where Suppliers can be viewed on a category basis enabled them to take the lead.

We, DRD, have created a permanent and long-term, indestructible cooperation, thanks to their approach, their ability to offer quick solutions, and our capacity to solve the problem in the best and most accurate way together.

I fully believe that many companies will become indispensable business partners if they continue to create added value in this professionalism and transparency, just as they do today.

All the best Acsight!...

Betül Dülge

Service Development Manager


Being the first brand to start luxury fashion retailing in Turkey and to implement the concept of Unconditional Customer Happiness brings with it serious responsibilities.It is vital for us that our customers receive boutique service in our stores and leave happy.

We started working with Cloud4Feed to measure both in-store and e-commerce experiences. So far, we have collected nearly 100,000 customer feedback and evaluated each feedback meticulously. Thanks to the flexible reporting interface, it has become easier for us to present the reports we receive separately on a store or customer basis to senior management.

Timur Erten

Customer Operations Manager

Doğtaş & Kelebek Mobilya

As Doğtaş Mobilya, customer satisfaction is our primary goal. With the Cloud4Feed system, we can instantly follow up on the needs of our customers upon their feedback, and we can easily take action in line with the results.

Burak Arslan

Customer Experience Senior Specialist

Doğtaş & Kelebek Mobilya

As Kelebek Mobilya, we regularly listen to our customers through the Cloud4Feed platform. The Cloud4Feed system has been the voice of our customers with the feedback they have received from them and allows us to take instant action within the comprehensive reporting they provide.

Baran Karabulut

Customer Relations, Quality and Performance Manager

Türkiye Sigorta & Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik

As Türkiye Sigorta and Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik, we measure customer feedback to offer products and solutions that meet our customers' expectations and ensure a continuous increase in service quality.

Accordingly, we collect the experiences and feedbacks of our customers at all main contact points, from sales to termination procedures, from call center meetings to possible complaints, through the processes we have created with Acsight.

We perform our analyses using automatic alarms we create and Cloud4Feed dashboards that we regularly monitor, and in case of possible dissatisfaction, we take quick action and activate our relevant teams.

Along with all these processes, our main goal is to ensure that our customers get perfect service and continuously improve their experiences.

Yrd. Doç. Dr. S. Cüneyt Aydemir

Physician in Chief / Medical Director

Private Medicana Çamlıca Hospital

Customer satisfaction is very important in every sector, but patient satisfaction and being fast in the health sector are more important than in other sectors. To provide the best service to our patients during their sensitive periods, we have increased their satisfaction by integrating Cloud4Feed with our HIMS system.

We respond to patients with alarms based on the feedback received from them and turn their negative experiences into positive experiences. We share all feedback results with the relevant teams through daily reports created specifically for each hospital. These reports play a critical role in disseminating our patient-oriented service culture. We create our action plans by taking into account the differences between hospitals, services, and branches.  Compared to April 2019, when we started working with Cloud4Feed, we have increased our Net Promoter Score by 75%, thanks to our patient-oriented service culture.

Gül Elitok

Customer Voice & Insight Manager

Yves Rocher

Acsight, with its proactive and result-oriented team, started with a clear understanding of our expectations and needs as the Yves Rocher brand. Afterwards, they made our lives easier with their professionally prepared dashboard designs in the fields of generating insight and turning the customer's voice into action, which is one of the most critical points for us.

We are carrying our project to a better point with every day, with the faultless operation of the systems used and positive perspectives on improvement suggestions. We can perform more comprehensive analyses with the flexibility they provide in the integration of different systems. Preparing the questionnaire, sending SMS; we also receive a successful service in data analysis, setting up alarm mechanisms and reporting.

The greatest added value created by our NPS project has been that we have made our customers' voices heard more clearly within the company and that we have implemented strategic project ideas one by one with the confidence of being able to measure. As Yves Rocher brand, we can do our analyses in a much more comprehensive way by integrating our CRM data, which is one of our strongest areas, with NPS data. This provides a significant improvement in the tangible returns of the actions we take. In addition, our store and online teams can instantly monitor channel-based and person-based results; it became a motivational factor for them. We are happy to see the wide impact area that has emerged by adding the actions that are easy to implement in practice with the feedback they receive from our customers.”