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Retail Sector

Customers can easily convey to retailers their expectations about the store or brand, their views on the store's appearance, and even their wishes about the product/service they request.

Customer opinions, who share their opinions before leaving the store, are transferred to the management in real time. This way, managers can make correct and effective decisions based on data. Customer loyalty is created by calling customers and giving various gifts and discounts when necessary.

Automotive Sector

In the automotive sector, customer feedback is collected at different contact points and reported to enable managers to take action. The most appropriate channel is selected for the customers who have received service, and they are reached as soon as possible.

The service received by the customers for the vehicles they have rented is evaluated end-to-end, and the problematic points in these processes are determined quickly. Customer satisfaction is ensured with different service packages and rental packages created according to the needs. It provides fast solutions by integrating with systems such as Mi4biz.

Insurance Sector

By evaluating the experiences customers had in their insurance processes for vehicles, health, home/workplace, life, etc., based both on the insurance company and the sub-dealers, requests for services can be determined in the fastest way, and solutions can be produced.

Necessary actions are taken as a result of dealer satisfaction scores.

Hospitals & Healthcare Sector

Integrating with the Hospital Information Management System (HIMS), real-time patient feedback lead hospital managers and healthcare personnel. By measuring the quality of the service provided, it allows them to understand how patients benefit from the service provided and how patients' satisfaction changes over time.

Hospital services and physician services are measured separately.

Hotels & Accommodation Sector

By integrating with Property Management Systems (PMS), information about the holiday habits of customers is collected. Special offers are made for their next stay. With the instant feedback received from the guests staying at the hotel, their complaints are responded to before leaving the hotel.

Thanks to the solutions provided by Cloud4feed, a strong interaction can be established with the customers who receive a quick response to their complaints. Customers happily leave their accommodation.

Fuel Sector

With Cloud4feed, the opinions of customers who come to buy fuel are received about the service provided, and their expectations about the station and the brand are learned. As a result of the improvements made with the feedback received, loyal customers are obtained.

Various special campaigns are offered to these customers by being integrated into CRM systems. 

Cinema & Entertainment Centers Sector

With the feedback on the quality of the service received, the speed of the service, the variety of activities offered, and the cleanliness of the place, the issues that customers are dissatisfied with are corrected, and companies become more profitable thanks to customers with increased satisfaction.

The awareness of the films that are now on and will be released is measured, and the probability of watching these films is learned. Assists in budget planning for movies with high viewing rates.  

Education Sector

It is possible to evaluate the opinions of students and parents about their teachers and measure their participation in activities. In addition, opinions about the contents of courses and programs are received, and accurate insights are obtained. It becomes easier for parents to follow their children's school life.

Actions are taken easily through integrated CRM systems.

Transportation Sector

Customers using airlines, bus and/or waiting at the terminals can convey their thoughts and suggestions about the service they receive, and the management is provided to take action regarding the issue.

Thanks to the solutions provided by Cloud4feed, a strong interaction can be established with the customers who get feedback.