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Instant Alarms

Instant notifications alarms can be triggered to the relevant branch/region officer depending on the answer to any questions in the survey or according to the intention class of the open-ended comment.

These alarms can be triggered in each case, or they can be programmed to be sent when n number of cases occur in a certain period of time.

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Task / Case Management

With the Cloud4Feed Task/Case Management module, you can start the process by assigning tasks to the relevant people through customer feedback and following the process's different stages until the process is finalized.

Thus, you can involve the relevant departments in the process for actions taken regarding negative feedback and increase customer loyalty and engagement.

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Critical Level Alerts

In the Cloud4Feed system, it is possible to trigger warning notifications when a predetermined critical level is reached for any KPI (Example: NPS score falls below the specified threshold value in a region).

This way, managers are warned, and it is ensured that they take timely action on customer feedback.

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Automatic Periodic Report Submission

Cloud4Feed's periodic (daily/weekly/monthly) report submission is a great tool for promoting an in-house customer-focused culture. Every morning, every manager, whether branch, regional, or sales manager, receives a summary of customer feedback in their region in the mailbox.

They can compare the results with the averages, quickly identify the problems of the relevant day / week / month and take the necessary measures.

Reports can be sent as PDF attachments or sent in a way that can be easily reviewed in the e-mail body.

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