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The significance of the inferences to be made from the data obtained with the right methods is better understood day by day.

Being aware of this, we ensure that you have qualified gains by using artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and many advanced algorithms by positioning the data in the insights you want to create about your company in the center.

With Rich Data Visualization Panels you will not only visualize the data but also have the chance to write stories from the data.

* Customize Your Report with Filters

* Drill-down Feature

* Map Based Geographical Analysis

* Heat Maps

* Average Comparisons

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By doing text analysis withNatural Language Processing (NLP) Natural Language Processing (NLP) you will be able to get invaluable insights about your business, both through open-ended comments in feedback surveys and the opinions they share on social media and other online sites.

* Sentiment Analysis

* Intent Analysis

* Topic Detection

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With Impact Analysis you will be able to determine the criteria that affect the NPS periodically, analyze the decision-making factors of consumers while recommending, and decide on the processes that need to be focused on. You will be able to analyze the differences of these criteria based on Segment/Region/Product Category/Period.

*Decision Tree Algorithm

*Random Forest Algorithm

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With RFM Analysis ou will be able to segment customers appropriately according to their past purchase data.

*Recency (R) – Time elapsed from last purchase to date

*Frequency (F) – Total number of sales during the specified period

*Monetary (M) Monetary value of all purchases within the specified period

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