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Insight Rich Data Visualization

It's easy to get the insights needed with Cloud4Feed's rich data visualization features. Dashboards are prepared specifically for the project by experienced market research and business intelligence experts, and all kinds of cross and advanced analyses are offered to users according to the fields obtained from data patterns and surveys.

All summary data like the number of feedback, survey submissions, survey participation rate, CSAT, NPS, CES scores, etc., can be displayed with Rich Widgets. All detailed analyses and cross-tables are visualized with more than 20 different graphic types in the dashboards prepared specifically for the project by our experienced team.

Customize Your Report with Filters
Customize the report as you wish with Dashboard filters.

Drill-down Feature
With the drill-down feature, explore the data yourself in the detail you want. Examine the cross-analysis with any field you want, analyze the root causes by going down to the most detailed breakdown.

Map Based Geographical Analysis
View your KPIs geographically, identify quickly the regions you are experiencing problems.

Temperature Maps
Heatmaps provide a great tool to compare customer experience according to the day and time of service in a branch or call center and perform personnel optimization accordingly.

Average Comparisons
By comparing the KPIs measured with Cloud4Feed's average comparisons according to the country, region, and branch averages, it becomes possible to identify improvement areas easily.