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Annual customer surveys have come to an end. Now it is time for technology; On Cloud4Feed!

Using the power of technology, you can ask your customers what they think about your company and your brand and collect feedback from your customers at strategic points. When you have the chance to learn something new from them every day, why be stuck with surveys that you send out only once or a few times a year!

Still, some businesses continue to conduct annual surveys. Maybe they're afraid of pissing off their customers, or they just don't have the resources to create and send out regular surveys. Or worse, they believe that they can get valuable feedback months after their customers interact with their brands. There is no excuse for us to do this important work only once a year.

The passing time leads to incorrect answers.

Geçen sene bu gün ne yapıyordunuz? Takvime bakmadan söyleyebilir misiniz? Muhtemelen hayır. Örneğin; bir yıl önce restaurantta size hizmet eden garsonun size olan tavrını hatırlamayacaksınız hatta o restaurantta ne yediğinizi bile hatırlamamanız gayet normal. Anket sorularını yönelttiğiniz müşterileriniz de sizinle olan deneyimlerini hatırlamadığında şaşırmayın. Anlamlı geri bildirimler, doğru veriler ve değerli bilgiler, mümkün olduğunca yaşanan anın yakınında yakalanır. Her fırsatta anketlerle müşterilerinize saldırmanız gerektiğini söylemiyoruz. Bunun yerine, hangi bilgiye ihtiyacınız olduğuna karar verin ve müşterilerinizle temas ettiğiniz noktalarda onların karşısına çıkın.Meaningful feedback, accurate data, and valuable information are captured as close to the moment as possible. We are not saying that you should attack your customers with surveys at every opportunity. Instead, decide what information you need and confront your customers at your contact points.

You don't need a big team that prepares, submits, and analyzes customer surveys!

Cloud4Feed technology makes it easy for anyone to create and submit a customer survey and analyze the incoming data. Our surveys, in which we measure customer experience, are integrated into an easy-to-use platform. Due to the Cloud4Feed technology, you can interact with your customers much more easily and take your business one step higher.

Thanks to technology;

- After interacting with your customers, you can learn about their “Real” thoughts by getting their feedback.

- In case of dissatisfaction, you can instantly interact with your unhappy customers with instant alarms sent to the managers, eliminate their dissatisfaction and turn them into happy and loyal customers before they leave your business.

- You can thank your valued customers and reward them with coupon codes for sharing their comments with you.

- By analyzing new incoming feedback, you can gain new insights and update old ones.

- You can follow the satisfaction trend and see what has changed in your business.

- With the insights you will share with your employees and managers, you can make them work more efficiently and motivate them.

- Leave aside the annual surveys, reach your customers everywhere with Cloud4Feed technology.

Your customers interact with your company in different ways at different times. So don't send your customer surveys once a year. With Cloud4Feed, you can get feedback with tablet kiosks at service points, as well as enable mobile consumers to send their feedback from their own mobile devices with QR Codes they can scan. With Cloud4Feed, feedback from many different channels (social media channels, mailing, etc.) is collected on a single platform, and real-time feedback is transmitted. With Cloud4Feed, you can start making more accurate and faster decisions for your business and increase your profitability.