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Do you know what you can add to your business by collecting real-time customer feedback?

When you gather feedback right after your customer experiences your brand, you can get much better quality feedback since your customer will remember all the details. Often, businesses conduct customer surveys weeks or months after interacting with their customers, resulting in incomplete or poor-quality feedback. This is where the problem starts... While we can't remember what we ate for lunch the other day, when you try to collect feedback on the quality of that food or the service received weeks later; unfortunately, it is not possible to get successful results.

With the Cloud4Feed solution, you can find out the valuable comments of your customers before they leave your business, and you can turn your unhappy customers into happy customers before your customers leave.

Make the most of customer feedback.

In order to get valuable, real-time, and activating feedback, it is necessary to learn about the customer experience based on the experience before the customer leaves the context. In other words, when you request customer feedback at an irrelevant time, your customers will not direct you and the feedback will be unreliable.

Technology has evolved a lot for more with meaningful, real-time insights… You should be using these technologies if you want to take your business one step further.

Collect feedback from every point you contact your customers with Cloud4Feed technology. Send SMS or E-mails for them to reach the survey you have prepared, share the QR code or collect their feedback from the survey you have installed on the kiosk tablet at the service point. No matter where or how your customers interact with you, there is always a way to reach them with the Cloud4Feed technology.

By collecting real-time feedback, you can achieve the following:

You can find out about their “Real” thoughts by getting their feedback right after interacting. In case of dissatisfaction, you can instantly interact with your unhappy customers with instant alarms sent to the managers, eliminate their dissatisfaction and turn them into happy and loyal customers before they leave your business.

You can thank your valued customers and reward them with coupon codes for sharing their comments with you.

By analyzing new incoming feedback, you can gain new insights and update old ones. You can follow the satisfaction trend and see what has changed in your business.

With the insights you will share with your employees and managers, you can make them work more efficiently and motivate them.

You can positively affect the behavior of your employees by adding questions about them to the survey. E.g., If there is a question about whether you were greeted with a welcome, the staff will often show a welcoming attitude since this behavior is measured