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How can you gain more insights from your NPS (Net Promoter Score) result?

For many businesses, NPS is seen as the most fundamental metric, but you can go much further than just see NPS as an outcome. Well, how?

As we know, NPS is measured by asking a single question. And that is: How likely are you to recommend the X brand to your family or friends? Of course, it is very important for a brand to have a high or low probability of being recommended, but it is necessary to examine the reason for this in-depth. Therefore, this question should always be followed by the question “Why?”.

Just asking “Why?“ and leaving is better than never asking at all. Probably when you ask just "Why?" you will get answers such as the following, and you will not get any personal or guiding content with these answers.

Thank you.
Everything was fine
You are bad…
What if you got answers like this?…

Your products are perfect for me. It was very easy to use. Doing all this work without your products would take more of my time and cost me more.

Everything was great, but I have a suggestion for you. It would be much better if you give small gifts to your shoppers to come back again. Like a coupon code.

I had a serious problem with the delivery process. It took too long. In this process, there was no one to support me for the delivery of my product.

Now that you have enough insights to take action with these answers, you can take your business a step further.

So how can you get these answers that will get you moving?

Your customers may not only rate the recommendation question low because they had a bad experience with the product or brand. Your current product may appeal to a very limited audience, and there may be no one around to recommend it, or they may not feel the need to recommend it because everyone around them already uses this product.

The most important question to ask your customers (who gave 6 and less than 6 on the NPS question) who won't recommend your brand is why they need to denigrate your brand to those around them.

Rather than Just asking “Why?“ it can be asked as follows:

We are sorry that you do not intend to recommend the X brand. We would love to know how we can correct our mistake. What disappointed you in your experience with the X brand?

It would be correct to ask the average respondents to the NPS question (7-8) what will make them more committed to the brand and recommend it to others. The question could read:

Thank you for taking the time to share your views with us. If we could do one thing for you to recommend us more, what would it be?

Those who rated the NPS question the highest (9-10) should be asked what made them feel valued. A question like this would be correct:

Thanks for your feedback. We are so glad to hear that you love the X brand. If you were to recommend brand X to a friend, what would be the most important reason you recommend?

The value perception of the answers to such questions will be very personal. But if you're getting similar answers over and over again, you've hit a great value point.

With the Cloud4Feed solution, you can measure your NPS scores and trends and instantly follow them from the dashboard's NPS area. Thanks to the advanced Cloud4Feed infrastructure, you can ask different questions to the participants according to the score range of the NPS question, and you can get more personal answers that will motivate you.