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How to get great results from customer satisfaction surveys?

The information you get from customer satisfaction surveys can be precious, but only if you correctly ask the survey questions!

By paying attention to the most common mistakes while preparing customer survey questions below, you can correctly manage your customer satisfaction by obtaining useful insights.

1) The way of answering the question is not compatible with the question asked.

Answering a question with a Yes/No answer should not be on a scale of 1 to 5. In other words, make sure that the way of answering is compatible with the content of the question.

2) The question should not direct to the answer.

The question should not be written in a way that will affect the subconscious of the respondent. E.g; How satisfied were you with our product? With this form of a question, you automatically direct the respondent to give a positive answer. It would be best if you did not always prepare the surveys to get positive answers; otherwise, you may make wrong decisions with the answers you receive.

3) The answer scale should be balanced.

Both ends of the answer range should be balanced. E.g., If you ask how satisfied they are with a product, the answer should not be 1-not satisfied, 5-very satisfied. Instead of 1-I am not satisfied, it should be written 1-I am not satisfied at all. Thus, both positive and negative ends are presented to those who answer the questionnaire in the same balance.

4) Questions should not be too general.

This is one of the most common mistakes when preparing survey questions. It would be best if you asked directly whatever you want to know exactly and in what detail. For instance; It shouldn't be a question like How much time do you spend for dinner? Because it contains a lot of variables. Is it to clean, eat, prepare… specific questions need to be prepared to get insights that work.