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What is a mobile survey kiosk?

The mobile survey kiosk is a digital platform with a touch screen for data collection.

Different operating systems can be used in mobile survey kiosks as in computers. Generally, the most preferred are kiosks with android-based operating system.

What to pay consider when using mobile survey kiosks?

There are multiple aspects to consider in mobile survey kiosks. These issues are important both to help the kiosk collect the right data for us and to ensure that the kiosk is used more effectively. Let's examine these issues under the main headings:

1-Structure of the stand

The structure of the stand should both appeal to people visually and be ergonomic. In order to appeal visually, stand outer cladding should be attractive. While this type of kiosk attracts a lot of attention from people, it also attracts children's attention. Therefore, it should not have a structure that can be interfered with from the outside. Since the device will be constantly connected to the power source, being in a position to be unplugged will cause data loss.

2- Positioning the stand

The positioning of the kiosk is one of the most important factors in the correct collection of data. The kiosk should always be positioned where people can reach, at sight, and attracting attention. For example, it will attract attention in a store close to the cash register, and people will be able to express their opinions easily while waiting in line. Store outlets are also one of the effective locations to collect data. After shopping, people will be able to submit their opinions about their shopping before they leave the stores.

3- Locking in kiosk mode

Kiosk mode is used to prevent mobile survey devices from being used outside of their current purpose. When this mode is active, devices cannot be used outside of the survey program. Some people, especially children, may attempt to play games or watch videos on kiosk devices. This is prevented by locking in kiosk mode.

4- Device monitoring and alarms

As long as the devices are connected to the internet, device tracking can be done with MDM (Mobile Device Management) at any time. At the same time, when the devices are unplugged or turned off, an alarm should be defined, and the devices should be kept active all the time to prevent data loss.

5- On and off hours

Kiosk devices should be adjusted according to the working hours where they are located. Keeping the devices on all the time is not preferred for the life of the device. At the same time, it will prevent unreal data that will come out of working hours.

6- Remote Access

Kiosk devices can be accessed remotely with the MDM program (Mobile Device Management). Device control should be done periodically with MDM program. In this way, whether the devices are active and whether the data is coming correctly should be checked.

7- Application Install

An application can be installed remotely on kiosk devices at any time. This is possible for the survey image and design as well. It will be remarkable to use different background images for period campaigns or information.

8- Kiosk maintenance and cleaning

Kiosk devices get dirty over time, both its screen and body. Especially since the data is transmitted by clicking on the touch screen, it creates a bad image after a certain time. For this reason, at the end of each day, the kiosk body, screen, and kiosk location should be cleaned.