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What is Voice of the Customer Studies? What is not?

When we consider the depth of the voice of the customer work, “ask NPS by sending a survey” or “call the customer” remains very simple. The project needs to be carefully planned and managed so that we can see beyond “we measure NPS” and take a huge step towards better customer service.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”

So how should we plan?

It is important to record the trace of the customer after each experience. Keeping the CRM database should be the first step. In addition to collecting anonymous data, customized project designs should be made according to the customer profile and relationship level by following the trace left by the customer. Work flow scenarios that are specific to you and customized for you should be determined. For this, real-time real customer data can be collected by integrating with customer systems before the voice of the customer works. It is critical to analyse and correctly interpret the customer profiles (cart amount, basket mix, shopping frequency, region, demographic variables, etc.) in order to internalize the data and make the right roadmaps.

1. Listen

What do we promise the customer at each different touchpoint? What does the customer experience in these processes? (Customer Experience Journey); It is necessary to understand and define well.

- What should we ask different customer profiles at each different touchpoint?

- What should be our data collection method for different channels and different customer profiles?

- At what frequency, when, at which step of the customer's feedback should we want?


2. Measure

It is important to achieve meaningful outputs by reaching customers with the right types of surveys. You should customize the topics that you will question depending on the processes that the customer lives.

Some Global metrics;

- NPS ( net promote score)

- Csat (Customer Satisfaction Score)

- CES (Customer Effort Score)


3. Insight

The importance of the inferences to be made from the data obtained with the right methods is better understood day by day. Collecting data requires using technology effectively, analysing and making sense of the obtained data is expertise.

- You should monitor the data in real time and customize it for managers with different responsibilities within the company.

- Beyond what is asked, you must analyse customer reviews to discover what the customer actually meant; Natural language processing NLP (text analysis) is an important tool in this regard.

- You should strategically review your roadmap regularly with big data analytics (ie; impact analysis).


4. Action

If we are listening to the customer in real time, we must reach him with instant actions. Only 4% of dissatisfied customers report their dissatisfaction with the companies they receive service from. 89% of unsatisfied customers give up on the company they receive service from. The customer gets offended very easily. Being able to reach the customer before it turns into a bad memory can change a lot.

- Instant alarms: Instant warning alarms can be triggered to the relevant branch/region officer according to the answer to any or more questions in the survey or the intention class of the open-ended comment.

- Task case management: With the Task/Case Management module, you can start the process by assigning tasks to the relevant people through customer feedback and follow up the different stages of the process until the process is closed.

- Critical level alerts: It is possible to trigger warning notifications if a predetermined critical level is reached for any KPI (Example: NPS score falls below the specified threshold value in a region).

- Automatic Periodic Report Submission:periodic (daily/weekly/monthly) report submission is a great tool for disseminating in-house customer-oriented culture. Every morning, every manager, whether branch manager, regional or sales manager, receives a summary of customer feedback in their region in the mailbox.