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Which One Is Your Best Customer

It is important that you know which of your customers is the most valuable one. So you can put effort on the right audience. Traditionally, the best customer for companies is the one who spends the most, but retaining these customers can be very expensive. By measuring the metrics below, you can know your customers better and make them more loyal.

Average basket sum: How much money does a customer spend on a regular purchase? Here they buy not only your product but also the value it offers. Therefore, you can increase your basket amounts by knowing your customers closely and offering them suitable promotions or products.

Customer lifetime value: How much money will a customer make you earn in their lifetime? A lot? A little? This metric will give you an idea of the relationship that needs to be established with the customer.

Customer acquisition cost: How much are the marketing and selling costs spent on acquiring a customer? If it is a lot, the customer needs to spend a lot. Otherwise, the ways of customer acquisition need to be reconsidered.

Customer satisfaction: Are your customers satisfied with your product or service? Why are your unhappy customers unhappy? Get to know them and increase their satisfaction by making the necessary adjustments to their expectations.