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Let's Take a Look at Mystery Shopper Studies in This Way

Let's Take a Look at Mystery Shopper Studies in This Way;

As we all know very well, mystery shopper studies are the studies we do to observe the customer experience through real customers or professional mystery shoppers. It ensures that we do not create an effective mechanism by which we monitor the service quality we provide to the customer at the service point, call center or online processes.

If some important issues are not taken into consideration in mystery shopper studies, we will have undertaken a great operational burden to achieve the outputs we plan to see in the end;

So, what should be considered;

- Sales staff, support teams, or store staff should not be able to distinguish whether the real customer is a real customer or a mystery shopper who is just evaluating the experience.

- Mystery customers should be selected according to the product or service, life stages, lifestyles and demographic characteristics.

- Instead of testing any process in a specific time period with a single visit, we should plan a second visit where we will check every experience (online or offline). We should carry out the process with case and control visits.

- We must observe every contact in real time; For this, online dashboards are a very important tool. Completing all the contacts and reaching the report weeks later will show us what we needed to do yesterday. It is not going beyond getting yesterday's homework. Rich Data Visualization Panels

- Persons with different responsibilities such as sales personnel, dealers and customer representatives we supervise should be actively involved in the process and receive instant feedback. For this, instant alarm mechanisms are of critical importance. Thus, the measures they will take for tomorrow will be transferred to them from today. Action

- Daily and weekly automatic reports should be produced and the data should be transferred to the relevant managers in accordance with the company hierarchy as soon as possible and with customized content. Action

- Confidential customer data must be analysed in conjunction with regular voice-of-shopper studies, and analysed comparatively. Customer Experience Management Solutions

- The project will add significant value by identifying the troublesome points in the voice of regular customers and shaping the scenarios for mystery shopper projects.