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Measure CSAT index or Customer Satisfaction Index

The CSAT index is a common methodology used to measure the level of customer satisfaction. The level of and the extent to which the products and/or services offered by the institutions to their customers meet the customer expectations are measured with the CSAT index. The CSAT index is generally one of the customer satisfaction transaction indexes.

For example, following the completion of any purchase, a CSAT index survey is triggered on customers to understand exactly how satisfied they are with the purchase process and/or the product purchased.

In the CSAT study, the customer is asked how satisfied s/he is with the service / product. For example, how would you rate your service experience? The consumer scores this question between 1 to 5 (Unsatisfied to very satisfied).

It is necessary to diversify the CSAT index question according to the product / brand / service / customer transaction. CSAT scores are usually analyzed as indexed to 100. Scores above 50 points are considered good. To calculate the customer satisfaction score, divide the number of satisfied participants by the total number of participants and multiply by 100.

The CSAT index can be used in various ways in various fields, but you should also be aware of its weaknesses. From new policy applications in insurance transactions to the evaluation of after-sales services in the automotive sector, from the quality of the product purchased in the retail to measuring the customers' satisfaction for the care and friendliness of the staff in the store.

Do you want to measure the general perception of your customers about your organization / brand? Want to find out if your company is meeting your customer's expectations?

CSAT is the right choice for this. It is designed to give you an overview of customer satisfaction.