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Listen Wifi

After your guests register for wifi in your branches such as hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, stores, where free guest wifi service is provided, direct them to the feedback survey with a certain delay if you wish, and measure their satisfaction and take action before your guests leave your establishment.

Delay Time

In order to expect your visitors to have a sufficient experience, you can direct them to the survey after a certain period of time instead of immediately after connecting to wifi.

Coupon Code Integration

To encourage surveys and support your loyalty program, you can give participants a coupon code that will make them revisit you at the end of the survey, and you can apply gamification features such as Scratchcard and Wheel of Fortune.

Permitted Personal Data Collection

You can collect personal data from your visitors during the survey or via the contact form in the coupon code application at the end of the survey and obtain the necessary permissions for the storage and use of this dat